My name is Lisa Lange.  I have been teaching for 13 years.  I taught first grade in Tennessee for 6 years.  I am currently in my seventh year of teaching third grade in Central Illinois.  As a child, I always had the passion and desire to become a teacher.  I love to help people learn, and I’ve always loved working with kids and helping them grow as learners. 

I graduated from the University of Illinois with my Bachelor’s Degree in 2005.  Since then, I have acquired two Master’s Degrees; one in Curriculum and Instruction and one in Administration.

My husband, Shane, and I currently live in a rural community in Illinois.  We enjoy spending time together doing things such as attending Illini sporting events, hiking, doing home renovation projects, and taking adventures around the world.

As an educator, it’s my passion to find topics and subjects that leave students hungry for more.  I started teaching about the Iditarod when I began teaching third grade in 2012.  It started out small, but I have added more each year and implemented the race into all subject areas.  As I have grown my Iditarod unit bigger each year, I see the students become hungrier and more passionate about their learning.  When they love something, I fuel their fire to make learning fun.  Because the kids love it, I have grown to love it even more, almost to an obsession. 

As the field of education becomes more rigorous and stressful each year, the Iditarod has renewed my passion as a teacher.  It’s the one topic that keeps me excited about teaching day after day.  Every week as I’m lesson planning, my mind can’t help but drift to new ideas and activities to implement the Iditarod into that week’s learning skills.  It’s a passion that has me excited about teaching again and that passion and excitement has fueled my desire to learn more about the Iditarod and become immersed in the race.  My curiosity for the race and my drive to include it in my curriculum led me to Alaska in 2018 for Iditarod Summer Teacher Camp, which solidified my decision to apply for Teacher on the Trail™ 2020.